Let’s make parking great again

Let’s make parking great again

Starting with the conviction that mobility should be powered by the sun, we offer you this
free e-book to build your own solar carport, a so-called Parkasol. Add an EV-charger to it and
you can start your journey, powered by the sun.

EV-mobility is inextricably bound up with charging. Every driver deserves a guaranteed
parking place with EV-charger on his/her place of destination. We can assist you.
Parkingware’s powerful technology platform allows drivers to effortlessly identify the best
local charging point and book directly from a smartphone or PC. Parkingware’s vision:
“Booking a charging point” is the key to smart and efficient (energy)management at
parking facilities.


We do our utmost to power up your parking 🙂

I hope you will enjoy this free e-book and start building your own Parkasol!


Gerard Spin


Founder of Parkingware