Your parking space is the first impression of your company.

Your parking space is the first impression of your company.

A known situation is that companies have a closed parking lot, because they do not want uninvited guests on the site. This does lead to extra burdens for various people within a company: the reception must regularly meet people via the intercom and open the barrier manually. The receptionist does not know who is at the time at the entrance to the parking lot and whether this person should be allowed. Apart from extra workload, this also leads to less security. For the customer who is standing at the entrance, the first experience with the company is not hospitable, access is refused in the first instance, the barrier is closed, one does not know who he or she is and whether he or she is expected and with whom appointment has been made. In short, he or she is not welcomed.

Ultimately, the goal is to have a satisfied customer.
A lot of time and money is invested in relation software, business gifts, the presentation of the company, etc. There is often little attention paid to the parking lot, which should be the calling card of a company. The customer is inside, at the company, after all the work that has been put to him to get that far, he is not immediately welcomed and not already received in the parking lot hospitably. Parkingware offers the solution. The basic version is free. You can start immediately without costs, ask for the conditions.

Customer-oriented parking
Customer-oriented and hospitable reception starts before the moment that the appointment is actually planned. Welcome your customer before they arrive with a QR ticket and route by email from the Parkingware web portal. The ticket reader on location offers the right balance between security and hospitality.

Display your logo and a personal welcome on the display at the barrier and at the charging points. Your reception has access to the online arrival list with visit details and knows who, where, when it arrives and departs. If you can immediately exceed your customer’s expectations, you are already a big step in the collaboration.

Two thirds of your company’s visitors have already formed an impression before they are inside according to the latest National Reception Barometer, an independent survey by SPARQ. Do not just think about the reception. With access, charging points and the parking lot you can already improve a lot. Because the first impression of your company is indelible.