Why we need focus more on Slowcharging than Fastcharging

Why we need focus more on Slowcharging than Fastcharging

I often get the questions: “How many kilometers do you drive on a full battery?” and “How long does it take to charge?”. The answer is 350 km because I have the smallest 70 kW battery. An hour at the supercharger and the battery is full. From fuel perspective I understand these questions but this is not what it’s about.

The questions should be: “How many kilometers do you drive per day?” and “When is the car parkered?”. The answer for the average Dutchman is “22.6 km commuter traffic” and “8 hours at work standing still during the daytime”. But that means only 2 hours of charging on the sun.

Ah, that is the reason that FastNed charging stations, along the Dutch highways, are mostly empty …. Yes, FastNed is for all non Tesla cars that are on a long journey and do not make it on a full battery. It’s better to invest in a solar installation with charging points at every company parking in inner cities. A so called SlowNed. Most cars are parked during the day, we can charge on the sun and overcapacity can be used in the building. If we start on locations, where double use of parking and charging infrastructure is possible, then the return on investment is real short.

And let us not forget that a SlowNed can make an important contribution to the Paris Climate Agreement. Everyone happy? Almost everyone. The government must then come up with a way to levy the decreasing fuel tax in a different way.

Gerard Spin
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