Why are we going to reserve energy at the parking location?

Why are we going to reserve energy at the parking location?

In addition to reserving the parking space, you can also reserve the energy. That is fun for the driver of an electric vehicle. He is certain that there is a charging point at the destination with the requested energy and can arrive at the next destination. For the owner of the parking location, it is a new revenue model and can thus earn back the investment in the charging infrastructure more quickly.

Through the Parkingshop system, space can be reserved that is geographically as close as possible to the destination entered. Since the driver is aware of the parking location in advance, the destination can be driven directly, without searching, to the previously known destination. This avoids taking a lot of extra kilometers when looking for a place and the uncertainty about the presence of a place is eliminated. There is also certainty about the capacity of the offered charging point by using the system. The settlement of the purchased energy will take place entirely automatically.

How does that work?

For connection to this system, the charging point will be connected to the Parkingshop access system. With the aid of a QR barcode ticket, this system ensures that the EV driver who has made a reservation is admitted and can load his energy at the desired time, without the intervention of the owner of the charging point.

Do not move the car full

The EV driver will be notified by the system that the charging process is complete and the charging point will switch off. Therefore, the EV does not have to be moved. In this way, each parking space with a low investment can be provided with a charging point (smart outlet) and the available loading capacity is distributed as efficiently as possible over the available parking time. Unnecessarily long parking at a charging point thus belongs to the past.

Why book?

Only with a reservation can the required energy be guaranteed in advance. Put simply, we make the following calculations: How long and in what time frame is the vehicle on location? What is the energy demand? What is the capacity at that moment? Then we link back to the driver if the requested energy can be delivered? Yes or X% or No.


This system has advantages not only for the owners of an EV. By joining this network, it will be interesting for companies to invest in a charging point that is integrated with the Parkingshop system. The investment in charging points (smart outlet) is already many times lower than charging stations. By facilitating guest use, the investment can be earned back even faster.

The introduction of this project also creates the possibility that companies can more easily use the energy supply as a commercial instrument. This could include the free supply of electricity during a company visit or hotel stay. Conversely, the application of increased rates during certain times of the day could be used as a means (Yield management) to ensure a better spread of customers throughout the day.

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