Norway is now a lot further than other countries in the transition to electric transport

Norway is now a lot further than other countries in the transition to electric transport

What problems can other countries expect in the future?

“The charging infrastructure must be prepared for the future. If in 2025 only electric cars are sold in Norway, you are talking about 1.5 million electric vehicles on the road in no time. How the hell are we going to charge them all? That is the big question we now face. ”

“Governments, companies and car manufacturers have to realize that this transition is irreversible”

Which problems do you encounter in this?

“There are already two major problems in the area of ​​fast charging. First, there must be enough fast chargers in rural areas. But it is not commercially interesting to build them there because they are used less frequently. How do you ensure that it does become economically interesting to exploit it there? It seems that the Norwegian government needs to contribute in the form of subsidies and financial support.

Secondly, large fast-charging stations must be built in urban areas with 50 fast chargers or more. Then you talk about at least 5 megawatts of required capacity. This has never been done before and can cause problems. After all, the electricity grid must be prepared for that enormous electricity demand. This is an expensive business that also threatens the market potential of these charging stations. Norway serves as the ultimate testing ground in this.

In the field of home charging we run into completely different problems. Many people live in an apartment complex or do not have their own parking space. Where do you charge your electric car? Even people without an electric car find that an important issue: they are afraid that they will no longer sell their house if there is no possibility to recharge.

We now have to work on these issues, because in Norway people are already queuing at charging stations. That may deter others from making the switch to electric driving. ”

Will that be okay?

“It has to be. Governments, companies and car manufacturers really have to realize that this transition is irreversible. Electric driving becomes the norm. Norway has traditionally been a big finger in the oil sector, but that is a downward business. It is therefore smart, and perhaps necessary, to be a driving force in a business that is growing explosively. ”


Gerard Spin
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