Innovative solution against wild parking at companies

Innovative solution against wild parking at companies

A well-liked parking locations
In the vicinity of your company there is a paid parking zone and little parking. If your company does not have a barrier or other closure then the chance of wild parking is high. A good accessible parking space where your visitors and staff can park easily and safely is undeniably important for your business. The parking solutions offered so far are in many cases so expensive that commercial feasibility is not possible.

Unique parking solution
What makes this parking solution so unique? All equipment is completely offline so that cabling between your barrier and web management is not necessary. All data such as arrival time, departure time, name, location etc. are processed directly in the QR ticket. The output scanner therefore only has to check whether the ticket meets the correct criteria and will then do the validation, welcome you personally and open the barrier and start the charging point. Only if you want to have up-to-date arrival lists and make a reservation on a license plate, a connection to the Internet is necessary.

Facilitate parking
An additional option is to give businesses or private individuals in the area the opportunity to use your parking space at times when your company is closed or if you have sufficient available space. You can easily do this via the online marketplace Your determined at what time, how many places, hour and day rate.

Suppose you want to realize a parking solution for your company that prevents wild parking and where the cars of your staff and visitors can stand safely and where parking space is not lost by parkers who have nothing to do with your company.

The solution could be;

A physical barrier is placed in the form of a barrier at the entrance of your site.
A ticket reader and possibly a license plate reader are placed on the public side.
A physical barrier is also placed at the exit, which could also be an entrance.
An exit loop is placed at the exit or a residence time check in the form of a ticket reader with possibly a license plate reader.
At the reception a web portal is available for sending QR tickets with route link to Google Maps.
The above is the most simple but nevertheless adequate solution, but the system can be expanded later or directly with a number of extra facilities such as;

Link with a payment terminal for bank cards.
Intercom system
Camera surveillance
No investment or the investment quickly recouped?

Our basic parking system is free. In other cases, you pay a one-time fee of € 2,995 or € 108 per month excluding 21% B.T.W.

* Free conditions:

You offer at least 10 parking spaces outside office hours, in a paid parking zone, at
You decide on which days, hours and for what price you want to rent it.
PARKINGSHOP receives 50% of the income, and can thus finance the service.