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Parkingware is a unique parking concept that is designed to offer the best parking experience. You receive visitors and staff in a hospitable and efficient manner. And optimizes your charging point capacity for electric driving. Excess parking spaces with or without a charging post can be rented out to third parties.


More than 20 years of experience

Parkingware B.V. , founded in 2004, has grown with the development and production of access control systems based on license plate recognition. In the Netherlands alone, Parkingware has provided more than 150 locations with smart parking systems, such as the parking locations of Schiphol, the municipality of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem and FrieslandCampina, etc. In our current parking solution we bundle this parking knowledge.


Our mission

Our mission is to improve the parking and loading experience in city centers by excluding overcapacity at companies. Our parking solutions guarantee a welcoming reception, increase your income and lower your energy bill.


Our vision

We believe that the word “parking” will be replaced in the future by “charging”. The vehicle itself makes the booking (Internet of Things), will charge itself contactlessly and the energy comes from the sun. Because in the near future you will no longer drive ‘just past the petrol station’ but you will charge your car where you are.

In short: parking is charging.



We would like to think along with you. An intake interview with one of our parking consultants is completely free. Arrange an introductory meeting [ Click here for contact form ]



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