Parkingware is a unique parking concept that is designed to offer the best parking experience. You receive visitors and staff in a hospitable and efficient manner. You optimize your charging station capacity for electric vehicles. Excess parking spaces with or without a charging post can be rented out to third parties. Available without pre-investment.

Rejoice your visitors and yourself with the innovative parking solution from Parkingware.

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  • Customer QR ticket with route advice by e-mail
  • QR ticket reader with screen
  • Your logo and message
  • Rent your parking spaces in Parkingshop


Addition on PW-Basis:

  • License plate recognition
  • 22 inch display with your logo and message
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  • Efficient charging point
  • energy management
  • 230V charging points car
  • 230V bicycle charging points
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  • Customized parking solution
  • Complete infrastructure
  • Barriers, traffic lights
  • Charging points and solar carports
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Parkingware combines a welcoming reception with rapid flow through your barrier, guaranteed P and charging station management

  • Register your visitors and automatically send them your directions
  • Offer visitors automatic access with QR ticket
  • Receive hospitality with a personal welcome message
  • Guarantee a reserved parking space
  • Automatic allocation of charging point
  • Manege the flow capacity of your cluster charging stations
  • Rent your excess parking places in off-peak hours
  • The basic version is completely free * </ strong> and offers additional parking revenues
  • Know exactly who will use your parking lot when


* Free conditions:

  • You offer at least 10 parking spaces outside office hours, in a paid parking zone, on < / u>
  • You decide on which days, hours and for what price you want to rent it.
  • PARKING SHOP </ strong> receives 50% of the revenue </ strong>, and can therefore finance the service.
  • In other cases you pay a one-off € 2.995 or € 108 per month excluding 21% B.T.W.
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